Cosmopolitan born and bred in Osaka
 I love okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and udon-suki.
     I’ve lived in Osaka, Tokyo, Kita Kyushu, and California, so I speak with a dialectal mishimash.

 From Hirapa Girl to Carp Lady
 I lived close to Hirakata Park in Osaka and grew up with the dolls dressed in chrysanthemums at the park.
     My husband is a big fan of the Hiroshima Carp in the Japan Professional Baseball League,
     so I cheer the team on with him as we both sing the team song♪

 ♪Que Sera, Sera. Whatever will Be, will Be♪
 When I’m feeling down, I like to sing ♪Que Sera, Sera.
     Whatever will Be, will Be♪ in the bathtub.
     My repertoire also includes the theme song from the Mitokomon series
     (♪When life is easy, there is also pain♪) and Disney’s Let It Go!

Ochanomizu University Graduate School (Tokyo), PhD in Human Development
Mills College Graduate School (USA) Department of Education, MA in Early Childhood Education
University of the Sacred Heart Graduate School (Tokyo), MA in Japanese Literature

Jissen Women’s University
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (Professor, April 2017~)

Showa Women’s University (April 2005~March 2017)
• Graduate School of Life Sciences, Graduate Program in Education
 (Associate Professor, April 2013~March 2017)
• Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Elementary Education
 (Associate Professor, April 2010~March 2017)
• Showa Women’s University Junior College, Childhood Education major
 (Associate Professor, April 2008~March 2010)
• Showa Women’s University Junior College, Early Childhood Education major
  (Junior Associate Professor, April 2005~March 2008)

Seikei University, Faculty of Humanities (September 2004~)
• University of the Sacred Heart, Department of Education (April 2013~March 2017)
• Tokyo Kasei University, Faculty of Home Economics, Department of Juvenile Education (September 2003~March 2007)
• Kamakura Women’s University, Faculty of Child Studies (September 2004~March 2005)

• Showa Women’s University, Institute of Modern Education, member (November 2014~March 2017)
• Ochanomizu University, Research Center for Child and Adolescent Development and Education, research support staff (May 2005~March 2006)

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